Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Not a Wordless Wednesday

They say every summer has a story. Five weeks into our summer & this is our story...

Two baseball playing all-stars. One on a 7-8 Little League Pitching Machine team, the other on a 9-10 Little League Minor League (live arm) team. We have played in the morning, afternoon, & night (still playing at midnight...3 TIMES!). We have played in the blazing sun, the pouring rain, & wrapped up in blankets & jackets. All within the past five weeks. 

 Little brother has been happy to go along as there have been toys, snacks, his tennis ball & glove, and did I mention snacks? He has been up early, missed naps, been up past bedtime, & has done it all remarkably well.

The big boys have loved every minute of playing and still aren't done. There is one more State tournament to go.

I love watching my boys make memories, make friends, and become better ballplayers. I love watching little brother watch and imitate his big brothers & want to be out there in the middle of it all.

These are the moments I live for. The moments when my boys show me who they are & what they love.

I love them and the things they are passionate for. I'd follow them and their dreams to the ends of the Earth.

Monday, July 7, 2014

This is what we do

Over the weekend I snapped this picture of Jude watching his brother play baseball. This photo reminded me of another picture I had taken in May 2007 of Ethan watching his cousin, Brittany, play  t-ball.These two photos say so much about our family and who we are.

Jude- July 2014
Ethan- May 2007
I knew when I married a coach that I would have children who participated in sports, which was fine with me. I grew up a ballet dancer and a band member & completely lacked an interest in sports and more importantly, lacked athletic ability.:) My younger brother on the other hand was blessed with athletic ability and as he grew up I sat through many a baseball game. I loved watching him play and especially enjoyed summer ball when my dad coached him.

Fast forward to today with our three boys. We spend a great deal of time at ballgames. Basketball in the fall and spring and lots of baseball in the summer. I love that this is who we are. We show up to almost all of Jess' high school games, during the school year,  to cheer on Daddy and his players, then on Saturday's we are there to cheer on Carter and Ethan as they play basketball. During baseball season we are at all the boys games encouraging them.

There are so many great things about being a sports family, but the absolute best part of it is that we are all there together making memories and cheering each other on. I know as adults my boys will look back on these years and the biggest memory I want them to have is that their family was there supporting them and loving every minute of getting to watch them play.

This is what we do & who we are. Love my sweet family!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Use your Stash- #1

In about two weeks my very best scrappy friend and I will set off for our annual girl's weekend in Arlington, TX. Every year we shop the Great American Scrapbook Convention and then shop in and around Frisco and Allen, TX. Lots of time to relax (we are both teachers and are ready for a break from school), catch-up, and laugh (lots). This trip does my heart good and I look forward to it every year.

About this time each year I get an itch to use up lots of the stuff I currently have, because we always pick up new stuff at the convention. So today I am going to share a card I made and sent to a friend using mainly scraps from my stash of scrapbook supplies.

I used ribbon pieces I keep in a small jar on my scrap table, sequins I have had for years, a "hello" wood tag from an older Cocoa Daisy kit, and new stamps from the May 2014 Cocoa Daisy Kit-"Here I Am"

Card Sentiments II Stamp Set
I love keeping this cute little jar of ribbon scraps on my table. The jar itself is from a Woodwick Candle I used up a long time ago. The ribbon pieces are small enough not to stick back in the jars of other longer ribbon pieces. 

Sequins seem to be a big trend right now in scrapbooking and cards, so I dug through my stash and found some that I've had for a long time. So long in fact I am not even sure of all the manufacturers. I know many of these are from Queen & Co., back when the company first started, and the others may be from Wal-Mart. After I made this card I actually divided these sequins up by color to store them in a travel medicine container (the one's that are divided by the days of the week) & plastic baby food containers. This will make it easier to find the color and style of sequin I want to use. 

Here is my finished card & it's interior.

Have you used your stash lately??
Hugs! Olivia

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The layout I am sharing today was made using the October 2013 Cocoa Daisy Kit“Sweater Weather”

I started out with the April Sketch seen here and it kind of took off from there. I love sketches; they just make scrapping easier for me, because I don’t have to think about the design. Instead I get to focus more on the story I want to tell and the pictures I want to include. Cocoa Daisy puts out great sketches each month for their sketch challenge  and I also print off the monthly Page Maps sketches and keep those in a binder that it always close at hand.

This layout includes 9 pictures that I took over a twenty-four hour time period at my parent’s house. It was a quick trip and actually may have been less than twenty-four hours. My parents live two hours away and this particular weekend Jess’ basketball girls were playing in our High School Basketball District Tournament, which was taking place about 45 minutes from my home town. So after the finals Saturday evening, which we won, the boys and I drove to my parents for the night.  

I grew up on 90 acres of open land with lots of trees, ponds, and creeks. I know every inch of those 90 acres from constant exploring as a child.  The way Mom kept an eye on my brother and me was to yell across the pastures every once in a while as we were out exploring.  As long as we answered her yell, we were good to go. I do the same thing with the big boys when we visit. I love that this tradition continues for my boys.

When we are home visiting the boys feel a great sense of freedom and they take full advantage of every minute of daylight. It helps that they have cousins right across the pasture to play with and that my Mom has a no technology policy at her house when the kids are all together.  They literally wear themselves ragged playing.

Jude hasn’t figured out how much freedom he has quite yet. He loves to explore Mom and Dad’s large yard, lounging dogs, and have the attention of his grandparent’s and older cousins. He has also taken a ride or two on the go-cart while riding in Mama’s lap and loved it.

This layout captures the busy and the worn out.  I think it still lacks a little embellishing, but I still love it. Right now it is still sitting on my scrap desk. It may get a little more embellishing or it may just go into an album.  I have yet to decide. 

Happy Scrapping! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aspire and Dream

Yesterday I shared my love for Ronda Palazzari's monthly One Little Word's. Today I want to share two more layouts, one for January 2014 word #79 Aspire & one for March 2014 word #81 Dream.

For Aspire, I wanted to share how proud I am of my big boys and the amazing people they are becoming. I am the first to admonish them when they make mistakes, but I am also their biggest champion. My mother heard a speaker on American Family Radio speak about raising children and shared some of the wisdom with me. The biggest thing I took away from our conversation is that many parents spend their time trying to raise great children, when in fact parents should be trying to raise their children to be great adults.

That really resonated with me & it is exactly what Jess and I try to do on a daily basis. We want our boys to be able to leave our home and be responsible, Christian young men. I don't always feel like we are accomplishing it, but I am always willing to get up the next day and try it all over again.

Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse that we use often in our house to remind our boys that God has even bigger plans for them than we do & that his plans are more important than any we can make for them or that they can make for themselves. They just have to be willing to be patient and listen to the Lord.

This verse was my jumping off point for my Aspire layout, along with sharing with the boys what I hope they aspire to do in their lives now & in the future. 

For this layout I used the January 2014 Cocoa Daisy Kit- Blueprint along with stamps from Technique Tuesday and some labels from My Mind's Eye. 

My second layout was for the word Dream and I knew immediately that I wanted to scrap pictures of all three boys sleeping. The biggest obstacle for this layout was picking a single picture of each boy to use from the 4,580 sleeping boy images I have saved. That number might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much, because I love catching the innocence of them as they are sleeping. 

There are not enough words to describe how much I love this layout. I am thinking that this one may end up hanging in a shadow box in the house somewhere. Such a calming layout and beautiful pictures of my little boys. Such a brutally, sweet reminder at how quickly time passes. 

For this layout I used the January 2013 Cocoa Daisy Kit- Pemberley, some older Heidi Swapp ghost shape stars covered in Slate and Silver Alcohol Inks, a Technique Tuesday stamp, and some small wood veneer stars from Studio Calico.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Magic & Calm

Hello All,
It's been a while! February and the first part of March are always super busy with all the high school basketball that we watch. We won our State Basketball Championship again this year. It so amazing and a stressful journey to win in back to back years. I feel this journey deserves a post all its own, so I will leave the details to another day with maybe a layout or two :).

Today I want to share a couple of layouts I have made based on Ronda Palazzari's One Little Word. Ronda puts up a new word each month on the fifteenth and I have been playing along here and there for the past few month's. She has the uncanny ability to pick words that touch a cord in me and usually makes me immediately think of a photo and story I want to tell. I can honestly say that many of the words she has picked have led to really heartfelt journaling on my pages. It is amazing how a simple word can pull such emotions from within you, such as this one I did in September 2012 based on her word Unlock.

The two words/layouts I want to share were from December 2013 #78 Magic & from March 2014 #80 Calm.

When I saw the word Magic I knew immediately that I wanted to right about the Magic of the Christmas Season as seen through the eyes of Jude, who had just turned a year old. There is nothing better than watching a young child taking in all the wonder and sparkle of Christmas.

I love this picture of Jude, you can definitely see how magical this Christmas season was for him. These are the moments I treasure and I am so glad I scrapbook them for the boys when the are older. They may not remember these times, but they will have the memories from my thoughts and stories. 

I made this layout using a Page Maps sketch & the February 2013 Cocoa Daisy Kit Double Feature. Calm is so very overrated at our house. The boys are very busy, all the time, and unless they are sleeping or entranced by technology there is always some sort of activity going on. Luckily all three of them get along really well & I usually find them playing altogether or at least playing in the same room. I am also very glad that we have a basement playroom that houses the video game systems, a pool table, and the majority of their toys. It is great to send rowdy, big boys downstairs to play on days that it is too cold or wet to play outside. 

I have two more layouts to share using some of Ronda's wonderful words, so please check back tomorrow to see Aspire and Dream.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Snow days are very rare in Arkansas, even more rare is a Martin family photo. Thanks to my mom for taking this picture of all 5 of us together.